Sharing the Vision

Hip-hop evangelist, Cardi B, has a song that says “I don’t dance now, I make money moves.” This lyric speaks to millions of consumers’ spirits with money being the motive, and the ultimate clout needed to rise above the ranks.

However, my takeaway from it was thinking about what I’ve heard startup founders share about their journey and how the craziest ideas are kept secret. I also think about ninjas and how there is an art form that you rarely see or hear them until it’s time to attack. This is the same way I have learned you must be when building a business. Many folks may not understand the timing. The advice you might get may sound totally backward than your train of thought or you simply don’t have the support of friends, colleagues, or mentors that you assumed you would. Either way, keep building and know that their lightbulb moment will come…maybe it’s when you launch, maybe it’s when you sell the company 10 times over its original valuation; either way, trust your gut. If its spirit led, share that with those who matter and who you believe can handle it.

One more point to mention is that as the visionary, which is a founder and CEO’s role, it’s important to often share with your team where the company is headed and how they are a part of the master plan. This can get buy-in from folks, but also make dead weight jump ship; two very important needs when scaling or growing a company.