Authenticity – We don’t code switch.  

At Authentique, we show up as our whole selves, no matter the room. We understand the value of being authentic; it’s in our name for a reason. We will not sacrifice our identity or integrity to gain a sense of belonging. 


We Challenge the Status Quo – We understand that change doesn’t happen without disruption. 

Disruption is Authentique’s superpower. We reject conventional approaches and leverage innovation to create impactful and sustainable change. We don’t just see things differently; we do them differently – that’s what makes us Authentique.


We Produce Results

Authentique values genuine relationships and respects our clients’ trust. When we say relationships, we mean transformational–not transactional. We generate results that matter through active and intentional collaboration.   

Cultural IQ™  

Cultural IQ™ is Authentique’s proprietary model of engagement. We know that Culture doesn’t stand alone. It lives in an ecosystem that includes Community and Purpose. It’s how we connect to what’s real.

-We engage Community to gain an understanding of the audience

-We embrace Culture to cultivate learned behaviors

-We empower Purpose to measure the impact behind the action