Doing Agency Differently: Culture, Trust, and Commitment

Letter from the CEO, Roy Broderick, Jr.

When growing the agency, there were three aspects that I wanted to remain constant no matter how big we grew:

  • Our inviting culture to be your whole self every day.
  • Our collaborative approach.
  • And our commitment to putting out phenomenal work products.

In my opinion, all these things are simple to do but rarely done in most agency environments. They align with our three core pillars – community, culture, and purpose.


Culture First: Sure, there are times when you can do Halloween parties or even informal birthday lunches, but when do you hear about the great things happening in your teammate’s lives. Whether it’s a coworkers teen winning homecoming princess or help another teammate style their kid for picture day. These moments matter the most because we spend just as much time with each other than our own families. So, when we ask how you are doing to one another, we mean it and want to know the honest answer. 


T.R.U.S.T.- While working in various environments, I would always march to the beat of my own drum but sometimes be afraid to give a solo performance. At Authentique, we reject that notion. Through our proprietary methodology – Culture+ – we match teams, deliver feedback, and ensure each team member fosters success.

We intentionally create an environment — The Authentique Community — where both authenticity and flexibility are essential. Whether it’s your hair color or even your attire, we ask for you to show us “the real you” and to be sure to stay true to that identity. 


Our Commitments: Finally, as an agency, we learned very early that God was leading this journey, so as a founder, I’ve relinquished quite a bit to him, BUT I did it with a few commitments. One of them is always to ensure that we put our BEST work forward, no matter what. Because the one burning question my mother and grandmother used to ask me whenever I felt unsure about a task I completed; did you do your best?  At Authentique, we set a high standard of excellence that typically exceeds client expectations or even overshadows the approach other agencies would consider. This keeps us agile so that we always deliver a win together. It’s a part of our purpose.