5 Truths Brand Builders Need to Understand About the Power of Thinking Differently


Are you still marketing your business the same way you did one year ago? Are you still using the same social media marketing techniques and approaching customer acquisition in the same manner? You might be doing your company more harm than good by your approach to brand marketing.

Brand builders who approach marketing with a ‘think different’ attitude can open their companies up to a myriad of opportunities and customer connections. Today’s consumers are inundated with marketing messages. If your company is still using the same outreach methods as you did a year or two ago, there is a good chance your marketing campaigns aren’t delivering less-than-spectacular ROI (return on investment). If you want to put the power of thinking differently to work for your business, incorporate the following five tips into your brand’s marketing strategy this year.


1) Consider the diversity of your audience when developing marketing campaigns. How often do you create brand-building initiatives with a Caucasian audience in mind? Imagine how powerful your marketing could be if you created a number of different branding campaigns targeting a myriad of cultures. When you are willing to consider audience diversity as an integral component of your marketing, the strength of your outreach efforts will amaze you.

2) Team diversity can also have a huge influence on the success of your marketing efforts. Solicit the advice of all staff members for their insights on ways you should be marketing your company. Their perspectives can offer you insights you might not otherwise have considered. Don’t assume your way is the only way. Even asking your team questions like “What do you think we could be doing better?” can offer insights you can use to establish new marketing campaigns. Thinking differently with your approach to marketing initiatives can have long-lasting results for your company.

3) Consider changing the tone of your marketing campaigns. Approach customer acquisition in a different manner by adopting a different company voice. Does your brand normally take an authoritative tone with your marketing? Switch things up by taking a comedic tone with your ads. Just as you can grow tired of the same old marketing efforts, so too can your audience. Be willing to be different in the tone your company takes and you might be surprised with your marketing return-on-investment.


4) Thinking differently can be especially powerful with your visual marketing. Stretch your imagination and integrate different visual marketing mediums into your brand’s outreach efforts. Don’t settle for basic images on social media. Use everything from memes and GIFs to looping videos and infographics.

5) Consider adopting a new buyer persona or two for specific marketing campaigns. Instead of targeting the same customers with every marketing effort, develop different buyer personas for your brand and market specifically to those personas. You could end up discovering a completely new customer base for your brand you never previously considered.

When you integrate a ‘think different’ attitude into your marketing, you set yourself apart from competitors. Let others in your niche market in the same ways and with the same copycat techniques. Be willing to be fearless in your approach to brand development and you just might surpass your competitors.